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Adam Warren
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"Algeria's Roman Ruins - A Living Heritage" – Jul 2005, 10,000 words, Fr>En

I translated the text as it stood, querying the classification of Donatus as only a "schismatic". The author endorsed my suggestion of including a reference to Albert Camus' "Noces à Tipasa" and "L'Été", since both works evoke the marriage of sun and stone which is the setting for and the dominant feature of the Roman ruins.

History, Tourism & Travel

Condensed translation of a legal opinion in a fraud case
– Nov 2006, 20,000 words,
requiring condensing to 10,000 words, Fr>En.

The brief was to condense a legal opinion for the defence team in a fraud case from the original 20,000 words in French to 10,000 words in English.


Translation/Redrafting/Proofreading for an art exhibition –
Chester, England, 2006

The 2006 Chester Baudelaire Festival featured, among others, an exhibition of the Baudelaire-related canvases of an eminent 20th-century French artist, Limouse, a former President of the Société Baudelaire. My task was to assist one of the Festival's sponsors, Isée St. John Knowles, in editing the exhibition catalogue and preparing it for publication. Much of the content had been written by Dr. Philip Willoughby-Higson, F.S.A., the President at the time of the Société Baudelaire, and a Trustee of the sister British charity, the Baudelaire Society and Limouse Foundation Limited. A historian and poet, the late Dr. Philip Higson stands as the foremost verse translator of the Fleurs du Mal. Other events at the Festival included dances set to Baudelaire poems by the choreographer Janey Elliott, and performed by pupils of the Hammond School, Chester.

Arts, Painting

Lexicography: vetting 6,000 financial terms for an international bank
– Nov 2007 - Jan 2008

Giving line-by-line opinions on some 6,000 terms in Excel. The checking involved using the software's display filtering.

Banking, finance

Teamwork translation: 100,000 words of internal-audit reports for a large French bank Mar 2008

Part of a 3-man team translating 100,000 words of internal-audit reports on the bank's subsidiaries. The assignment was performed in the bank's internal-audit headquarters. The subsidiaries reported-on were banks and insurance companies outside France.

Banking, finance

Developing efficiency gains in a newly-unified French civil-service institution – Jan 2009, 7 days' work

A management-consultancy report comprising some 9,000 closely-packed words in two PowerPoint slide sequences, generously peppered with arcane in-house acronyms to decipher.

Civil service, public finance

Pre-redundancy interview
– Feb 2009 1/2 day interpreting assignment

In the event, both persons at the pre-dismissal interview spoke English, but I moderated the meeting, supplying legal/labour-relations background to the non-European management interviewer

Business/Commerce, Human Resources, Law

Freedom to provide services – French Court of Cassation

A series of judgements by the Cour de Cassation in a case involving European and domestic French law on an issue of freedom to provide services. The multiple assignments ran to some 10 thousand words.

French and Community Law, referral to the Court of Cassation

Administrative Justice in EuropeLa justice administrative en Europe

Translation of the Summary for the Trèves Symposium

I translated this law symposium summary for a research group of French lawyer academics. It was published as a 160-page bilingual edition in March 2007 by Presses Universitaires Françaises in the Droit et Justice collection.

ISBN-10: 2130560415

ISBN-13: 978-2130560418.

Administrative Law